15 Best Adventure Resorts around the Globe that Re-Define ‘Thrill’

The adventure souls all around the world have at some point in time dreamt and imagined of enjoying the entire possible adventure activities under one roof. That said there are tons of adventure resorts that dole out a myriad of thrilling activities, which bring about utmost happiness and satiates the ‘adventure hunger’. If adventure is what you think of all day, then here are some of the best adventure resorts that you might want to give a try.

15 Best Adventure Resorts to Satiate your ‘Adventurous-Soul’

Shaker Village in the USA: A 3,000-acre property in the Kentucky region, Shaker village flaunts of a good variety of outdoor adventures followed by historic discoveries. Go on and about exploring the nature preserve, majestic architecture, age-old farm by the river of Kentucky.

Shaker Village in the USA

The Lodge on the Island of St. Simons: An award winner, this resort can be accessed only via boat service. A beautiful blend of nature and enthusiastic outdoor activities, the resort can be enjoyed by the ones seeking solitude and thrill.

The Lodge on the Island of St. Simons

Goldmoor Inn at USA’s Illinois: At Goldmoor Inn, you get to taste the very best of Illinois over the bed, breakfast, and storybook. The resort is nestled atop a bluff which overlooks the great Mississippi and hosts plush cabins and suites.

Goldmoor Inn at USA’s Illinois

Australia’s Saffire Freycinet in Sapphire: Sitting pretty on the picture-perfect Freycinet Peninsula, Saffire Freycinet is enshrouded with a beautiful national park and throws weight around for its ever-famous hike, kite-flying, sea-kayaking, mountain biking and lots more which it hosts.

Australia’s Saffire Freycinet in Sapphire

CMH Heli-Hiking Bugaboo Lodge in Canada: The Bugaboo Lodge allows you with the lifetime experience of skiing in a good terrain variety, besides making way for the perfect view of glaciers from its cozy and warm rooms.

CMH Heli-Hiking Bugaboo Lodge in Canada

Explora Patagonia in Chile: Explore Patagonia is world famous for its 50 various full and half day hikes, horseback treks on the pretty Torres del Paine National Park, besides being ex-friendly and holding out an authentic eatery.

Explora Patagonia in Chile

Fogo Island Inn in Canada’s Newfoundland: Also referred to as the hotel at the earth’s edge, the Fogo Island Inn offers a delightful ocean view from all of its rooms besides allowing you with 14 marked hiking trails, snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, fishing and lots more.

Fogo Island Inn in Canada’s Newfoundland

Salkantay Lodge and Adventure Resort in Peru: Hushed away in between the alpine peaks of Humantay and Salkantay, the Salkantay Lodge is picked for the famous ‘Inca’ trail and treks to glacial lakes, rafting at the Bio Blanco and more.

Salkantay Lodge and Adventure Resort in Peru

Jungle Bay Resort and Spa in Domnica: The visitors at the Jungle Bay Resort celebrate nature by witnessing and enjoying the wild Atlantic. Popular activities at this resort include hiking to waterfalls, snorkeling, and diving with the adorable sea turtles.

Jungle Bay Resort and Spa in Domnica

ON Luxury Adventure Hotel in Iceland: This particular resort is perched on an alpine volcano and is surrounded by hot springs. Besides being the favorite choice for divers, the resort is also favored for snorkeling hiking, fly fishing etc.

ON Luxury Adventure Hotel in Iceland

The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs in New Zealand: The Kauri Cliffs have been made famous for its amazing boutique gold resorts and clifftop course. The resort boasts of three beaches which include hosting surfing lessons. Deep-sea fishing, horseback riding, boar hunting are some of the well-known adventure activities here.

The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs in New Zealand

Three Camel Lodge in Gobi, Mongolia: The Three Camel Lodge is crafted with a scattering of Mongolian tents and hosts out a number of adventurous activities like biking, hiking, and guided tours to the famous sites of Gobi.

Three Camel Lodge in Gobi, Mongolia

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in British Columbia, Canada’: An awesome eco-safari styled Resort, Clayoquot is accessible both by floatplane and boat. Enshrouded with serene rainforests, the Resort is a life-changing experience for one and all.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in British Columbia, Canada’

Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado: Dunton Hot Springs allows for an adventurous stay in a time-worn ghost town with mineral hot springs. The resort has age-old structures, well-aided library, followed by a salon with wagon-wheel chandeliers.

Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado

Blanket Bay in New Zealand’s Queenstown: Facing the Lake Wakatipu, the Blanket Bay is set against the backdrop of towering mountains; glacier-fed rivers, age-old beech forests and national parks and is apt for fishing, riding, hiking and other water sports activities.

Blanket Bay in New Zealand’s Queenstown

Let your adventurous soul out and enjoy at one of these above mentioned best adventure resorts.

Source for Images: www.pinterest.com