15 Most Exquisite Mosques from Around the World that You would Just Wish You Knew Earlier

More than a religious duty, visiting mosques has a lot to do with reaping positivity and calmness in the soul. Just by basking in the quietude of a mosque, fills you with instant happiness and bliss. While many dreams of exploring various nations and exotic places, there are few who wish to unravel the best God-houses in the world. If you are amongst those, then here is a list of all the most exquisite mosques from the world which calls upon your visit soon.

15 Most Exquisite Mosques that We Bet You Didn’t Know of

Istiqlal Mosque: Jakarta’s Istiqlal mosque which hails from the late 20th century was once known to be ahead of its time, given the intricate detailing, dome, and minarets.

Istiqlal Mosque

Nasir Al Molk Mosque: Iran’s Nasir Al Molk Mosque is quite uncommon in its appearance owing to its pretty stained window glasses which in turn enhances the beauty of the Persian carpets with its amusing light flecks.

Nasir Al Molk Mosque

Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque: Abu Dhabi’s mammoth Shaikh Zayed Mosque has the ability to accommodate a whooping 40,000 devotees in its prayer hall and courtyard and is adorned with the largest Persian carpets in the world.

Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sultan Hassan Mosque: Cairo’s Sultan Hassan Mosque is being operated both as a mosque and as a school since for about thirty decades.

Sultan Hassan Mosque

Malaysia’s National Mosque: Built in the late 20th Century, the National Mosque in Malaysia’s design is inspired by the interiors of an open umbrella.

Malaysia’s National Mosque

Shah Mosque: Isfahan’s Shah Mosque can be termed as one of the most favored and Iran’s pride worthy characteristics, besides modeling Islamic’s age-old architecture and art.

Shah Mosque

Hassan II Mosque: With a minaret of about 700 foot, Hassan II mosque is rated as the world’s tallest mosque and is quite symbolic to Casablanca.

Hassan II Mosque

Education City Mosque: Situated in Doha, the mosque symbolizes the five Islam pillars, which is embedded in the verses of Quran in eloquent calligraphy.

Education City Mosque

Kairouan’s Great Mosque: Kairouan is taken as one of the holiest and purest cities of Muslims in North Africa, and its great mosque is a great testifier of Islamic art and architecture.

Kairouan’s Great Mosque

Shah Faisal Mosque: Introduced in the late of 1970’s, Islamabad’s Shah Faisal Mosque is quite of a modish mosque which practices and follows the Sunni sect of religion.

Shah Faisal Mosque

Istanbul’s Blue Mosque: Brought into being in the late 17th century, the blue mosque in Istanbul reeks of splendid beauty and oozes out with sheer charm.

Istanbul’s Blue Mosque

Egypt’s Al-Rifa’I Mosque: What would melt your heart in sheer surprise and awe is the mosque’ window patterns which drip with creative juices and perfect craftsmanship.

Egypt’s Al-Rifa’I Mosque

Iraq’s Al Khayat Mosque: One of its kinds, the Al Khayat Mosque in Iraq is built with flawlessness on the mind. The sea-blue dome is what would have you in surprise.

Iraq’s Al Khayat Mosque

Russia’s Kazzan Mosque: You just cannot afford to miss out on this beauty when you are in Russia. Contemporary and Grand, this mosque is quite prominent from the distance owing to its striking contrast of colors.

Russia’s Kazzan Mosque

Pakistan’s Baadshahi Mosque: Pakistan’s Baadshaahi Mosque is one of its kinds and is best favored for its intricate detailed work, followed by the amazing delicateness that overflows from all the design work on the walls and ceiling.

Pakistan’s Baadshahi Mosque

So wait no more and start packing to head on to some of these most exquisite mosques in the world, and bag away as much peace and calmness as you want.

Source for Images: www.pinterest.com