15 Incredible Swimming Pools around the World which are Perfect ‘Stress-Relievers’

Probably the only thing which is better than soaking in water on a bright sunny day and lounging poolside is doing all of it at one of these 15 incredible swimming pools that are simply breathtaking. From mesmerizing luxurious pools to traditional pools and infinity pools; you can explore them all here. Dive, Dip and enjoy to the core at one of these amazing swimming pools and have a blast.

Amazingly Cool, Luxurious and Incredible Swimming Pools around the World that Breathes out ‘awesomeness’

Purobeach in Dubai: Purobeach is one of the best beach clubs, where you get to witness the feet-tapping LIVE DJ music and enjoy sunbathing inside the crystal-clear waters of Arabian Gulf.

Purobeach in Dubai

Phuket’s Point Yamu Resort: The Yamu Infinity Pool of about 100m oversees the Phang Nga National Parks’ protruding limestone stacks.

Phuket’s Point Yamu Resort

Marina Bay Singapore: This mammoth infinity pool sits at the top of luxurious Marina Bay Sands Hotel and gives way to the sweeping sights of the city’s majestic skyline.

Marina Bay Singapore

Seljavallalaug in Iceland: This massive 82-foot pool built in the mountain interiors is largely underrated. However, an hour half hike through the valley river is mandatory to access the outdoor geothermal pool.

Seljavallalaug in Iceland

Sydney, Australia: The swimming pool built with concrete is quite a few degrees cooler than the sea, and the high tides lash over the walls on the rough weather conditions while swimmers enjoy taking laps.

Sydney, Australia

Fregate Islands in Seychelles: All of us might love sharing the pool and thus the Fregate Island with its exotic and luxurious villas have their own separate pools, private veranda, hot tub facilities and more.

Budapest in Hungary: It’s the effervescent mineral baths with fills the thermal pool of Budapest, besides doling out healing waters for its swimmers. Also, the pool water is said to rise up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and the majestic pool architecture is what attracts the swimmers.

Bali, Indonesia: The two-tiered infinity pool hangs atop the trees over the verdant rain forest and overlooks the Ayung River below.

Bali, Indonesia

Maui, Hawaii: What makes the gigantic pool of 5,000 square foot an eye-catching element is the mammoth amount of 60, 0000 tiles that make the Hibiscus Mosaic, which I turn is the center of attraction of the pool.

Maui, Hawaii

Sweimeh in Jordan: The resort of Sweimeh is located on the Dead Sea banks, which is the lowest level on Earth where water is about 10 times saltier than the waters of the ocean.

Sweimeh in Jordan

San Simeon in California: The intricately beautiful Roman Pool with a tiled interior speaks volume is one of the most sought after, which hosts pre-possessing figurines of Greek and Roman Gods.

San Simeon in California

Santiago in Chile: It was until the year of 2005 when the pool at San Alfonso der Mar was held as the world’s largest. The incredibly clear blue waters with a water capacity of 66-million gallons make it truly attractive.

Santiago in Chile

Swimming Pool with the shape of a Violin: This violin-shaped swimming pool is probably every musician’s wishing to have in his backyard. Honestly, this is one of unique swimming pools in the world.

Swimming Pool with the shape of a Violin

Hot Pool in the Chilled Alps: The Alps might be closely related to chilliness and coldness, but the hot pool here allows you to enjoy the coolness of the region while soaking oneself in the warm waters of the hot pool.

Hot Pool in the Chilled Alps

Cave Pool in Greece’s Santorini: Situated underneath the mountain, the cave pool is one of the top-most summer vacation picks which doles out an exclusive and a golden experience.

Cave Pool in Greece’s Santorini

Enjoy and witness some chilled-out moments of your life at one of these incredible swimming pools around the world.

Source for Images: www.pinterest.com