15 Unbelievable Swimming Pools That Would Give You the Moment of Your Life

Swimming is not only the best exercise to stay fit and young, but is even the fun thing to do, to ward off all the regular stress and anxiety. Just by visiting the local swimming pools in our locality club, fill us with unbound joy, so imagine the thrill you will have in taking dips at the top-rated swimming pools of the world? Yes, we have trawled the internet to bring you some tempting and intimidating swimming pools. So, let’s check out on some of the unbelievable swimming pools across the world.

15 Unbelievable Swimming Pools Where You Can Enjoy To Your Core and De-stress

  • Havasu Falls Natural Pool: Pack your bags for Arizona’s Havasu Falls, if you have been wishing for a genuine swimming experience, and to witness the seamless blend of Mother Nature and local Havasupai’s age-old traditions.

Havasu Falls Natural Pool

  • The Cambrian Hotel Pool: The Cambrian Hotel Pool qualifies as one of the most high-end Swiss hotels and spas and gives way to an incredibly cool and unbound pool overseeing the Alps.

The Cambrian Hotel Pool

  • Crocosaurus Cave Pool: If an adrenaline rush is what you live for, then head on to Australia’s Crocosaurus pool which has been made famous for brimming well with a ton of crocodiles. So yes, you get to swim in a cage along with these creatures besides.

Crocosaurus Cave Pool

  • Nemo 33 Pool: Nemo 33 Pool has been rated as the world’s deepest pool by the Guinness Book of World Records and is specially made for the diving enthusiasts.

Nemo 33 Pool

  • Library’s Resort’s Red Pool: You have been to blue watered pools, so how about some red, for a change? Well, you can book tickets to Thailand’s Koh Samui which holds out this amazing new warm pool tiled with deep red, orange, and yellow to create a spectacle of unmatched style and color contrast.

Library’s Resort’s Red Pool

  • Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s Floating Lake Pool: Overlooking the majestic alpine mountains of Bellagio, the floating lake pool in the Royal Hotel Tremezzo helps you to relax and unwind, from the worldly stress.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s Floating Lake Pool

  • Bondi Iceberg Public Pool: The famous Bondi Baths sit pretty within 15 minutes drive from Australia’s Sydney. This epic pool is recognizable for its 50-meter public saltwater public pool.

Bondi Iceberg Public Pool

  • Ik Kil Cave Pool: Nestled good amidst the verdant Ik Kil Archeological Park in Mexico’s Piste, the cave pool is round about 130 feet deep, with a width of 96 feet and is adorned by gushing waterfalls, wilderness vegetation, and the blue aquamarine water.

Ik Kil Cave Pool

  • Giola Natural Pool: Giola is one such beauty that is kept hidden and is treasured as one of the most precious gems of Greece. This pool might be quite tough to access but we believe it is worth it, considering the mind-boggling 8-meter jump from the cliff that you get to experience.

Giola Natural Pool

  • Harbor Plaza Hotel Room: Get the most authentic views of Victorian Harbor and Hong-Kong from this posh open pool situated on the 23rd floor of Hotel.

Swimming Pool in Harbour Plaza Metropolis Hotel Hong Kong

  • Purbeach Pool: The intriguingly pretty beach club at Porto’s marina based on Kotor-Montenegro is the apt place where you can bask away to glory under the broad daylight and experience the wild raves by night.

Purbeach Pool

  • Pamukkale’s Thermal Pools: Ever imagined of exquisite natural pools adorned with turquoise waters and milky-white sedimentary rocks? Well, you get it all here at Pamukkale, which is blessed with shallow warm pools in varied shapes and sizes.

Pamukkale’s Thermal Pools

  • Reethi Rah’s Infinity Pool: To be honest, this is actually a pool in a pool within the ocean atop one of Maldive’s high-end spa-hotels.

Reethi Rah’s Infinity Pool

  • Chongwe River House Pool: Chongwe’s river house pool doles out an exceptionally brilliant opportunity where you can feel the thrilling safari experience while soaking in the cool and calming waters and sipping on your cocktail.

Chongwe River House Pool

  • Jade Mountain Resort Pool: Located in the Island of Lucia, Caribbean’s most cherished treasure-the Jade Mountains is a cornered resort beautified with a private beach, majestic views and exotic spa therapies.

Jade Mountain Resort Pool

Luxury, exotic ushering happiness, and thrill, these mentioned above Unbelievable Swimming Pools are worth all your drools and swoons. Head on to one of these and have a blast with Nature’s coolest element- Water.

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