Must-See Paris Attractions That Wait to be Explored and Experienced

Nothing beats the outburst of romance in Paris. Europe’s crowning glory, ‘Paris’ is still a dream to many be it the wanderlust teenager who wishes to explore the famous Disneyland, reliving his childhood or the newly-wed couples who dreams to have their honeymoon blast atop the Eiffel Tower or even the art enthusiasts who wish to run into the artist’s gallery and streets. When in Paris, there are a few important places that you simply cannot miss out on. Here are some of the top-ranked Paris attractions, which should get into your must-see list right away.

15 Glorious Paris Attractions that Brim with ‘Romance’

  • Disneyland Paris- The Walt Disney Company operated Disneyland in Paris is basically an entertainment resort and is one of the most preferred theme parks.

Disneyland Paris

  • Pont Alexandre III- Pont Alexandre III is undoubtedly the most alluring bridge of the lot and runs along the Seine river banks. You might as well want to witness the perfect sight of the glorious Eiffel Tower from here.

Sunrise at the Pont Alexandre III, Paris, by Georgianna Lane

  • Les Invalides- Les Invalides is a great assortment of monuments, buildings, and museums, holding France’s great military history. Les Invalides is also the burial place of the great Napolean Bonaparte

Les Invalides Paris, France

  • Saint Chapelle- Oozing with some pre-possessing interiors, Sainte Chapelle is a kingly Gothic chapel of the medieval age and is open to visitors on all the days of the week from 9.30 AM to 6 PM.

Upper Saint Chapelle-Paris

  • Notre Dame Cathedral- You have to be up on your toes and quite springy to get in through the towers of Notre Dame, given the crowd that always throngs the place and you can enjoy the most surrealistic view of Paris right from here.

Cathedral of Notre Dame-Paris, France

  • Jardin Du Luxembourg- Beef-up your summers in Paris with a sojourn to Jardin Du Luxembourg. Be it for the sake of treating yourself to some fine French cuisine, or to simply recline back treating your eyes to a variety of tourists and Paris folks through the crowded streets.

Luxembourg Palace, Paris, France

  • Sacre Coeur- Standing tall and proud, Sacre Coeur is almost about 130 high. Take a quick trip to the stairs of Sacre Coeur, or you can even halt to enjoy some takeaway lunch for the sake of witnessing the most beautiful views. Also, Montmartre in its neighborhood is worth your visit, for being one of the most amazing places in Paris.

Sacre Coeur, Montmartre - Must see Paris Attractions

  • Arc de Triumph- Arc de Triumph stands tall overseeing the some of the most authentic views of the beautiful city. Take your camera along to get some of the best shots of your life.

Arc de Triumph

  • The Louvre- The Louvre qualifies being the largest and one the most expressive museums in the world and is a must visit when in Paris, not solely because of the world-famous art of Monalisa but tons of other more as well.

The Louvre

  • Musee d’Orsay- Musee d’Orsay sits pretty on Seine river bank is possibly the most underrated museum in the city but have become gloriously recognizable in the recent past.

Musee d’Orsay

  • Versailles Palace- Versailles for what seems like ages, have maintained France and Paris’s historical significance, with absolute care. Once resided by the great King Louis XIV, Versailles now stands as an important historical remnant.

Versailles Palace

  • Palais Garnier- You haven’t seen enough of Paris if you miss out on the amusing and the world famous Paris’s opera house at Palais Garnier. With a seating facility of 1979, this is surely one of the must visit places in the city.

Palais Garnier

  • Tuileries Garden’- Mostly favored by the nature lovers, Tuileries Garden is a good choice for those who wish to hop around on the best places of Paris.

Tuileries Garden’

  • Hotel de Villa- Basically Paris’s municipality location, Hotel de Villa is looked upon as the most intricately beautiful buildings of the city which boast of the biggest skating rinks options during winters.

Hotel de Villa

  • Eiffel Tower- Well, Paris is incomplete without a visit to the brilliant and mesmerizing Eiffel Tower. With as many as 7 million visitors frequenting this world famous monument every year, Eiffel tower is surely the romantic’s gateway to escapism.

Eifel Tower

Paris holds a myriad of beautiful places which deserve to be explored and visited at least once in the lifetime. Here were some of the best and top-ranked Paris attractions which await your visit with all its charm and magic.

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